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Very satisfied customer

Finesse Jewelers is a wonderful place!! I got engaged Christmas Eve. My ring was too large so I came to Ramiro this past Wednesday afternoon. Every other jewelry store was telling me the ring sizing would take 10-14 days.

I did not want to be without my ring for that long!! I came to Ramiro and he sized it for me that day and I cannot tell you how excited I am with the beautiful workmanship. My ring fits perfectly and is so comfortable, I don't even know it's there (even though I'm looking at it very frequently!!) Everyone in this establishment is so very nice.

I live an hour away from Finesse Jewelers but believe me, it is worth the trip!! Thank you very much!!

-Peggy Harting

Thank You

Recently my husband discovered two amazing tanzanite stones that had belonged to his aunt. They were set in outdated rings. We were celebrating two milestones this month; one is a significant birthday for me and the other is our 30th wedding anniversary.

To say Ramiro worked a miracle with these two stones would be a vast understatement. His amazing talent turned these stones into a diamond encircled ring and diamond encircled pendant. The pendant is encircled by 30 diamonds - one for every year. They are simply stunning!

Thank you, Ramiro, for making this such a special month for me.


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I am happy to call Ramiro a "friend"! He is always happy to take the time to educate you about jewelry and jewelry making. I have been extremely satisfied with everything I have purchased from him. He also has done some repair work for me. I love just stopping by to chat with him. He and his personnel are very, very nice. Tu estas mi amigo siempre!!

-Leanne Meier

Thank You

Ramiro Ortega is a gifted model maker and designer of fine custom jewelry. The incredible wedding rings he designed and created for me exceeded my wildest expectations!

Ramiro's vision, creativity, and skill are second to none. Thank you, Ramiro, and your lovely staff at Finesse Fine Jewelry.

-Francine Ciaccia

Thank You

The service, the friendliness, and the quality of Ramiro’s work is just fabulous. I’m amazed at what he does and that it’s all created by hand right here; his designs are so unique. I love Ramiro’s personality; I come to the showroom and feel like I’m at home. He’s like a great friend… you just come back to great friends who do wonderful work. Why would you go elsewhere?

- Colleen Neiden

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For over ten years, I have worked with Ramiro Ortega for jewelry as gifts as well as custom designs for myself.

Most recently, Ramiro redesigned a unique platinum wedding band for our 25th wedding anniversary. Ramiro took the time to understand and integrate what I had in mind, then further enhanced the design, setting the ring apart from all others.

Ramiro is a gifted artisan, a truly class act, and he and his staff at Finesse provide outstanding service and follow-up.

-Pam Kandrac

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Ramiro has been my jeweler for years and I would highly recommend Finesse to anyone looking for custom made jewelry.

-J.K. Smith

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You won't find this beautiful quality jewelry in the malls! These are all original all gorgeous handcrafted pieces. Plus the customer service is excellent. The owner is willing to help redesign one of his pieces for you or start from scratch and design it just for you. Stop in for a look.

-Elaine Ward


Totally AWESOME wedding ring that you created for our daughter-in-law! It took our breath away and many tears of joy expressed by all! We can't thank you enough for a SPECTACULAR piece of art!!!!!!!!!

-Claudia Wangler

Thank You

Thanks for creating my diamond hoop earrings. Your knowledge, skills, and talents go unsurpassed!

-Ada Davis Wilneff

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To say my necklace is spectacular is an understatement. Ramiro made me a unique, exquisite piece of jewelry. Wherever I travel, I am met by such awe at its beauty. I live in Florida and we have unbelievable jewelry. Yet, my necklace is the envy of all who see it!!

Ramiro, I will always be grateful that a master such as you touched my life with such an object of beauty. Can't wait to have you make me more!!!

-Frances Merenstein

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I discovered Finesse shortly after they opened and I've been coming here ever since. I depend on Ramiro for all of my jewelry needs. He has a great personality and he understands jewelry. He understands what you're looking for and makes what you want. He always says “I build for you”.

-Diane Champion

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Ramiro is an artist, and his designs, as well as the quality of his jewelry, are exquisite!

-Kaye Ridolfi

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Finesse is an excellent place to do business with. I bought a piece of jewelry, and it was spectacular; excellent quality. I will certainly do business with them again. Great place!

-Mary K.

Thank You

When I think high end jewelry some obvious names come to mind. Some come in little blue boxes others guarantee one thing or another, but what is always lacking behind these things is the person who makes the jewelry for you.

Ramiro has always been in the forefront making sure he puts his face, name, and more importantly his reputation in your hands before you do the same for him.

I’m glad to have worked with Ramiro Ortega because when my wife comes home and tells me that she still gets compliments on her engagement ring, then I know I made the right choice.

Thank you!

-Marlowe Baca

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Ramiro has made me several pieces, all just outstanding! His craftsmanship is second to NONE, and that includes the best designers in the industry!

-Lisa P.

Thank You

I had my wedding rings done at Finesse and I love them!!!! Thank you, Ramiro. You design amazing jewelry!

-Norma Afeeling

Thank You

I love all of my beautiful jewelry by you Ramiro!!! Thank you for taking care of so many of my clients and employees...You are extremely talented...Thank you again!!


Thank You

It is my pleasure to tell you if you are looking for a magnificent piece of jewelry to be custom made--hand-crafted-- you have found the right jeweler. Ramiro Ortega is a fine craftsman and a terrific man with whom to work. Complete satisfaction! It is worth meeting Ramiro at Finesse Jewelers in Brecksville, OH.

-Ada Davis Wilneff